Mission & Vision

Accu Properties established since 2013 with a brokers experience since 2004 in the UAE market.

With all pride and humbleness, I’m Jihad Mashaka – Managing director of ACCU PROPERTIES. My journey started 20 years back as a young man who came from Lebanon to Dubai as an expatriate. I carried my lifetime dream all the way and started stepping towards it as it became closer to be achieved.

Not a mystery, but a fact. And if desired, a wisdom! I believed that doing what you don’t like in order to do what you like is smart. In fact, I have applied this rule to my life.

The way to a dream was never easy. Slippage is possible with bumpy roads, but not the whole way. What hurt the most where those red traffic lights that stopped me for a long time. I sometimes had to walk the opposite way to end at the point where I first started. It happened sometimes that the same matter kept on repeating itself time after time, causing my pain to increase in degrees… So you can imagine!

In 2013, ACCU Properties was launched, driven the name from Accurate to refer that everything is in the right place and in the right way. For I have planned to start a business in the property sector 20 years back and I walked all the way crossing the distance accurately.

And here I am now, managing my own company in the same dedicated manner along with a professional team, who also have common dreams and desires that unite us here, with other aspirations and dreams on the personal or family level perhaps.

In the end, through these lines in which I presented something about me, about my experience, I wanted to tell you my dear customers that life is full of opportunities and that the opportunity does not come once, as many of you believe. In fact, life circumstances change constantly, and believe me, with each change there is an opportunity.

Be assured my dears that ACCU, through an experienced, skilled and capable team, is choice worthy for your ambitions. We love seeing you succeed, and together we’ll walk the path of arrival, where your dreams see the light and flourish to last.

Why you should choose us

Honest & Transparent 
Our agents will serve you and will solve your search headache to find a place to live
We notify our investors who owns their propertes about the tenant payments and renew their leasing contracts